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A response to, The Age of Post-Democracy, HERE

Thank you Tim for expressing your insight. I agree with your analysis, examples, concerns and conclusions ...

Karl #3 – No morals or standards – anything goes. I am always amazed that immediately after an election of any sort – the party that loses outright or the party that loses a large portion of their formal votes always say that they will meet during the week and come up with new policies etc. To them it’s that easy – they do not stand for anything.

Mike#4 – Jobs is one of the crucial factors now and for the foreseeable future. I cannot see how sufficient jobs can be created for even 50 % of the population, let alone all age groups or skill groups. We will have to share all jobs in the future and learn to live on a 50% or less income.

I am sure that every level of government is going to be brought to its financial knees with the costs of just providing the basic health, social assistance and major infrastructure that already is and will be increasingly needed.

The adverse effects and costs on our social, family and community are already beyond being fixed by our governments,

The political and the governmental system is broke for 95% of us, it’s out of date, unable to respond, steered by company interests, huge traditional cost structures and services need totally revamping and eliminating.  Why has successive Treasurers not brought forward legislation to change the tax laws to ensure all companies and individuals pay an appropriate and fair level of tax? Why has not a simple food and product labelling system been implemented to show country of origin and production country? The things that change are only those that cause such a furore and outcry or take resources from one group to partially fund another, or are largely cosmetic.

Maybe we have to go back to some form of import control. Not an import duty based system. But a requirement that purchasers must be able to show that they has sought to purchase locally first. It must be open and searchable for local suppliers and manufacturers to respond to, and hence more investment and jobs.

Australia is great at ending its own tariffs even to country’s with high tariffs and export assistance for their manufacturers, service and food industries. So a farmer in America and all of the EU can earn a highly subsidized living at the expense of our farmers, communities and industries. Why.

Can anybody state honestly why we need 10 or 12 new submarines?

Global capitalisation and markets make it seem like we are progressing and keeping up – but it’s at the expense of our industries, communities, and our ability to fund the basics.

Can anybody state honestly why we need 10 or 12 new submarines? Let alone have them built overseas. There are many, many other examples, including non-defences related examples. A friend of mine is a senior project manager on a very large ($700M) building and infrastructure project interstate. 90% of all the work on that site, including management come from overseas. Including all trades people. Lick wise the majority of the capital and internal equipment.

Mike #13 – Alternative rural communities were all the go: for perhaps 20% of the population in the 60s and 70s. I believe that for a larger percentage of the population may be up to 50%– providing the communities have a generational mix of participants who work for they own and the common good. For this to work participants would have to formally be allowed to opt-out of all government issues and structures and be prepared to get back to basics.

I believe that the whole (web and TV driven) entertainment and telecommunications industries are breaking down our communities, public and schools standards, values, and morals. The monthly contract cost of these service is robbing people of savings for a basic and better future, particularly if they are un or under employed or living with casual wages and working hours.

No matter how many convincing positions, concerns and complaints that are raised with the majority of our elected representatives – it will get you nowhere.

Perhaps we should replace 50% of our elected representatives with people on a roster for a period of say 12 months. Like jury duty. I do know that if 12 local people were asked to attend a kitchen table meeting to raise concerns and resolve action – they would do so honestly, sensibly and without fuss. I also know that many community and service groups meet over many years without controversy, without being adversarial, without dishonestly and telling fibs – and work to a common good.

I vote as required by law – but I do not vote for anybody on the poll that I do not respect. If 30 to 50% of electors did the same then something would have to be done. Our elected representatives already know that the majority of people are totally fed up with the democratic system. Nothing will change unless WE take some action.