The Art of Photography Show, based in San Diego, California attracted entries from 37 countries (see ).

His image ‘Boil Rock’ of a wave breaking over a rocky outcrop was also part of a portfolio that won him the Canon/AIPP Australian Landscape photographer of the Year Award in 2006.

Mr Lea got the inspiration for the image from a sailing trip to Macqaurie Island with fellow photographers Peter Dombrovskis and Chris Bell in the eighties.

He said, ‘That trip gave me some insight into what it must have been like for a sailor in the days of sail. They were often not sure of their position and a scene like this could pop-up in front of you if you got it wrong. For a sailor that’s the worst sight in the world’.

He has been working on a project in Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour in South West Tasmania for the past two years.  He will be holding an exhibition of his images during Tasmanian Living Artists Week in August.

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Press Release

Tasmanian professional photographer Geoffrey Lea has had an image placed in the top four from 9,867 entries in an international photography competition.