The internet now provides a method of comparing the real world and that world inhabited by a paid journalist.

The feelings expressed by ordinary people in cyberspace are rarely expressed for financial gain. They reflect the real time experiences of ordinary people in a complicated world with its many different stresses and struggles.

Writing without gatekeepers they feel they have something to contribute. What is written is generally from the heart and expressed with feeling almost always against the views of the paid hack commenting on the failings of others so as to keep a job.

The Gillard speech is a case in point .

Those who report on these matters canned her. Those who are reported on, felt for her. The subject has gained over 2 million internet hits of quarter of an hour each on the web.

The logging industry in Tasmania is not and never has been a subject for objective reporting by the Examiner.

Cyberspace provides us with a different agenda to confront those who buy or threaten via the written word on printed paper.Cyberspace will break the nexus between the major political parties and those in business who fund their power.

Ordinary people through access points without gatekeepers granted by the internet now have a way of expressing their feelings in an entertaining and yet powerful way.

The ability of newspapers to spin the lathe of public opinion from ivory towers are over.

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