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Budget 2016: ‘jobs and growth’ pitch costs wealthy retirees, smokers and multinationals Scott Morrison’s first budget offers company and personal tax cuts – for those earning over $80,000 – but nothing for families on $37,000 to $80,0000

Scott Morrison has paid for vote-seeking “jobs and growth” tax cuts for higher income families and small and medium businesses by squeezing revenue from wealthy superannuants, smokers and multinational tax avoiders.

But his critical election-manifesto budget offers nothing for average families earning between $37,000 and $80,0000 – the usual beneficiaries of election-time largesse.

He cited Treasury modelling that found the company tax cuts would increase gross domestic product by 1% over what it would have been, as evidence of the growth-boosting power of his measures. Treasury officials said this increase would occur “in the longer term … over decades”.

All workers earning more than $80,000 – the top 25% of income earners – will get a tax cut as the government moves the threshold for the 37% tax rate up to $87,000. The cut is worth about $315 a year for most higher income families.

And those on more than $180,000 will next year be freed from the Abbott-era 2% deficit repair levy as well.

Those earning less than $37,000 get a $500-a-year refund on the tax they pay on their superannuation contributions – to compensate for the fact that it is actually higher than their marginal tax rate – as the government reinstates a rejigged version of a Labor low-income super scheme it has previously said it will abolish.

Morrison said workers on less than $80,000, apparently left out, had already benefited because they kept tax cuts designed as compensation for the now-abolished carbon price.

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