Image for Tassie gets large

A group of chargers took the bull by its horns yesterday, we get alot of big swells in Tassie but more often then not the wind is bad for most surf able breaks, we will have monster waves but we end up surfing 4 ft point breaks, its like running away from the swell, yesterday saw 15m waves hitting Tassie with 60 knots winds, huge tides made it almost impossible to get to our destination, wading through chest deep surges, the swell and tides reeked havoc on the southern tip of Tasmania! we chopped through fallen trees, dodged collapsing roads, got bogged! destroyed camera gear, snapped boards you name it it happened, but i also had the pleasure of watching some really impressive big wave paddle surfing! James Dell, Marti Paradisis, Mikey Brannan, James Hick and Mark Visser, battled all day against the winds, hail and huge swell, it was a great day in Tassie surfing and a pleasure to see the lads taking it on with paddle power, im on a flight to Fiji now to chase this big sucker of a swell to the tropics! stay tuned for the full rundown.

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