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The Tasmanian branch of the Liberal Party has disclosed the origin of less than one-fourteenth of the income they received in the last financial year.

Political donations data released this morning by the Australian Electoral Commission reveals that the Tasmanian Liberals received $2,066,635 in the 2014/15 financial year but were required to disclose just seven donations totalling $145,000.

For the last financial year Australian electoral law required political parties to disclose only the names of donors who contributed over the disclosure threshold of $12,800.

In its most recent return to the AEC the Tasmanian Liberals disclosed that it received:

• $25,000 from Midgeon Holdings, the holding company of Michael Crouch, the former Chairman of Zip Industries which manufactures instant hot water heaters;

• $25,000 from Pathology Australia, a lobby group for most of the major private pathology companies which have lobbied state governments for the privatisation of public hospital pathology services;

• $20,000 from Meriton Property Services, a part of Meriton Group which is Australia’s largest residential property developer;

• $20,000 from Patrick McKendry, the CEO of the Queensland headquartered Careers Australia;

• $20,000 from Trident Security, a security and cleaning services company headquartered in Brisbane;

• $20,000 from Servcorp, a business services company headquartered in Sydney; and

• $15,000 from the Financial Services Council, a financial industry lobby group.

In the last eleven years the Tasmanian Liberals have received $17.3 million in income but publicly disclosed the origin of just $2.89 million. While some of the Tasmanian Liberals’ income is from membership fees most is likely to be from donations.

Tasmania and Victoria are the only states which don’t regulate political donations disclosure.

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