Just when we breathe relief from the horror fires of the Tasman Peninsular, the night sky over Triabunna makes for a dramatic picture for a 400mm lens shot from over the bay at Orford.

The only drama of course is the graphic images of a burning ridge. No PR fuss either as the volunteers from The Triabunna Volunteer Fire Brigade simply go about their business of burning off at their discretion instead of nature’s. No, no, no, no fleeing birds at a horror-firing, nor birds on a wire…just an opportunity for putting silhouettes of wild cockies, swans and starlings into the picture and sending a salute to volunteers in a small town stung by the closure of its woodchip mill.

Brigade Chief Bill Sullivan says 14 volunteer fieries ‘just about’ the entire complement of volunteers and three units attended the ‘straight forward’ burnoff last Thursday night April 4.

So even when the chips are down in the town, there’s no shortage of skilled volunteers in fire control…and this year’s fires that took property but no lives show the value of men and women who give up their spare time for us all. Bill says there’s always room for others to join the team, get skilled and be a part of a valuable community group.