Devil Highway
©P.Tapp 1995

Tassie Devils, Tassie Devils, Tassie Devils on the road
Four and twenty, more and plenty
Tassie devils on the road

What’s it really gunna gainya
To squash the symol of Tasmania
Who would brake to spare a snake
Push the pedal hard and flat
To eradicate a feral cat, a dirty rat
Or make a flock of starlings scat?

But would you purposely imperil
The charming antipodean Devil?
Many have and many will
Thoughtlessly and sportlessly
The wond’rous Tassie Devil kill.

So when you spot the sparkling eyes
Shining stunned and by surprise
Along the lonely night highway…
Let Tassie Devil make his way.

Crows on the Road
© Paul Tapp, 1995

Carrion, carrion, carrion crow …
Crows on the road
Wherever we go
Crows on the road, everywhere
‘Cause crows like blood and guts and hair!

Wherever life flows
You’ll see damn crows
The faster it goes
The more damn crows!

Seems to me that we see
Animal mortality
As normality
Squashing possum’s a nightly spree,
Many more possums up the tree.

Thank you God for the carrion crow
Cleans up the carnage
Wherever we go
We kill by night
He eats by day
Clears my conscience right away.

Crows, crows, crows on the road:
We have made your life complete
So much wild-life to eat-
Mangled fur and feathers and meat.

We are such a savage race
Not prepared to ease the pace
Were we not the underclass
We would build an overpass
An overpass to make amends
To our precious furry friends.