Penan people call for timber company Ta Ann to leave their land, Sarawak
Tasmanian Liberal Senator Visits Sarawak

Huon Valley Environment Centre has today released a statement by Penan people in Sarawak, who names Ta Ann as the company leasing their land for logging without prior consent or knowledge by the indigenous Sarawakians.

Huon Valley Environment Centre has also today exposed that Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has visited Sarawak in the past weeks, and travelled to this contested area with Ta Ann.

“Our organisation has released a letter fingerprinted by Penan people stating they want Ta Ann off their land, this is an unprecedented show of opposition to Ta Ann logging of their land, after the company has leased the land without the knowledge and consent by the indigenous Sarawakians,” Huon Valley Environment Centre’s Jenny Weber said.

The letter from the Penan people states; “This area should not be re-logged as it was being logged in the past which have made our livelihood difficult especially our food resources. We with one voice that we don’t accept any type of logging to take place within our Native Customary Rights Land,”

“Senator Abetz has vigorously backed Ta Ann in the past and Huon Valley Environment Centre is concerned about the intention of his visit to Sarawak.  We are concerned Senator Abetz is not in Sarawak looking after the interests of the Penan people, instead he is looking after big business interests of Ta Ann,” Jenny Weber said.

Download Letter from Penan Village Chiefs:

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