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Premier Again Fails To Answer Simple Question

The Greens today continued to seek an explanation as to what authority Tasmania Racing purported to act under when it authorised the expenditure of $13.1 million of public money on the Spreyton racetrack development.

The works apparently began under a funding deed signed by the Racing Minister, Brian Green MP, on April 21, 2010, some months after the construction had already begun.

Greens Racing spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today that the Premier had failed to answer the question, which, if lawful authority existed, should have been straightforward.

“The Premier failed to explain under what authority Tas Racing authorised the expenditure of $13.1 million of public funds,” said Mr Booth.

“The funding deed did not exist at the time of the Premier’s letter authorising the expenditure, and only came into effect on the April 21 last year, months after construction had already begun.”

“The public purse is not the Premier’s personal play thing and there is no way that expenditure can be committed to without due process first.”

“If lawful authority existed for this spending, then there should be a paper trail to prove it, so I can’t understand why the Premier can’t simply answer under whose authority Tas Racing was acting when it green-lighted the spending.”

“It was surely under the authority of the Premier as Treasurer or her Deputy, as Racing Minister. Either way, someone has to accept responsibility instead of ducking the issue.”

“I will continue to seek answers to get to the bottom of this matter until the truth comes out,” said Mr Booth.

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