Image for Spoken by a Tree

I am Eucalyptus nitens. I am known as Shining Gum.

Hey ! ! ! They’ve planted us to make a fast buck.

They’ve studied the economics and thought they were in luck.

But did they ask us ? NO THEY DID NOT.

For if they did, we would have said ‘STOP’ …

We would have told them we would give them wealth,

But not in exchange for people’s health.

For though we have grandeur and timber rare,

Deep in our soul we have poison in there.

And we mean no harm, NO, NONE AT ALL,

But we did not plant ourselves in the soil.

The Forestry did! ! ! They planted each tree,

Making great forests for the wood industry.

And it is not our fault that now in the waters

The toxins sicken Australian sons and daughters.

We wiped out the oysters in 2004,

And nobody guessed what would be in store.

Now in 2010 the whole world should be told,

That plantings en’ mass bring problems tenfold.

Now we apologize for the inconvenience

In this die-hard-game,


For we are NOT to blame.

Please burn us out. Our species won’t die.

And please learn from this lesson. Spoken by I…

Shining Gum…