Image for ‘Southwood, Mr Neville Smith misleading  public on their proposed woodchip export facility in Dover’

*Pic: A developer’s image of a similar facility


This press release (Jan 18) is issued on behalf of concerned residents following the false claims from proponents of a Wood Chip Export facility in Dover.

Contra to the developer’s statements in the Mercury & on the ABC breakfast radio on the 17th of January 2018.  Members of the Far South Future repeatedly requested second public meeting in Dover to address increasing concerns & contradictory information regarding the proposed facility.  On the 6th of January a representative of the developer, Mr Danny Peet confirmed in writing that they “were always willing to have open community meeting…. No issues or concerns from us”.  They also stated that “we will endeavour to supply as much information that we can at this point in time”.  This meeting was again organized & advertised at the expense of the community for the 17th of January as agreed. 

On the 12th of January Mr. James Neville-Smith informed the community that not only that he could not attend due to personal reasons, but that he had also instructed Mr. Danny Peet not to attend. 

In addition, any person asking questions on the James Neville-Smith Facebook page were block immediately & now the page has been taken down.

On the Southwood website the developer has addressed Far South Futures stated Key Concerns briefly, but their answers are inadequate, misleading or false for example: They State:

“The load handling facility will not be located right in Port Esperance Bay but out in the channel. Parts of it will be visible from Dover but the woodchip stock pile and all operations will be hidden from view. All that will be visible will be groynes and parts of the vessel when produce is being loaded.”

The developers own drawings state that the facility is in Esperance Bay not the channel, & that wood ship hardstand is located at about an elevation of 70m above sea level.  Which would mean that it would be visible from many places in Dover.  We have done 3d modelling that proves this to be the case.

The developer has also stated:

“We have sought approval from the Huon Valley Council to release our development application and all accompanying documents in full immediately, prior to the normal public comment period.”

“…..we asked for the meeting, it was then organised. Documentation has some legal status and at this time we cannot distribute it all, although we have sought permission from the Huon Valley Council to release the documentation in full as stated above.”

Huon Valley Council have confirmed that the developer is free to release information at any time.  There is no impediment to the developer releasing the information prior to or during the planning process. 

The developer has also NEVER organised their own public consultation.  Representatives of Southwood attended one meeting on the 7th of December that was requested, organised & advertised by the community.  They were not able to answer most of the concerns that residents had at that meeting which led to considerable further concerns in the community.

Far South Future says it plans further action and meetings and will continue to seek information on the proposal from the Huon Valley Council and the developer.