Image for Some questions for Mr Aird

Jarvis isn’t the only one feeling the pinch from the GEC.  Even the staff of the TCCI look like joining the dole queue.  At least their chief economist should have no trouble picking up work at MacDonalds.

Fortunately, our savior Mr Aird has jetted off to Europe to save us all.

Hopefully, as I write, Michael is reclining in a cedar-lined sauna, being plied with vodka from blonde lovelies.  Perhaps he’ll even be fed rollmops.  We can only hope.

While Michael talks to the un-named, unknown power brokers from the Scandinavian Isles, here are a few questions for our media representatives to ask him on his return:

1.  Who’s your pick for the grand final?  (No that would be too easy)
2.  Who did you meet, and what did you discuss on your taxpayer fund trip?
3.  Were you aware that in your absence, Gunns was planning to buy land and timber from a failed forestry company, even though they have no funds to do the same?
4.  Were you aware, that while Gunns was planning to buy land and timber from a failed forestry company, they were offering staff in Tasmania voluntary redundancies?  Yes, from the same `job creating’ industry you were in Europe flogging at taxpayer expense?
5.  Who the fuck is going to pick up the tab when it all falls to shit?  (Sorry, rhetorical question.)

Jarvis is off to bed now.  He tried to ring Airdy, but all he got was the sound of laughter and champagne corks popping.

Jarvis is sitting at home, with the lights turned off (the last Aurora bill convinced him that a more austere approach to the domestic economy was not just desirable, but mandatory.)

The land tax bill, his sole contribution to the State’s ailing economy, lies on the table, unpaid.

Times are tough in the Cocker household.