Image for Ruminations of a barrow boy

Looking at the world through the eyes of an old barrow boy is often humbling, always interesting and full of the joys of youth.

It’s always about what comes next, what goes where, and what will be the outcome of a decision.

It’s a joy with a strong body, a clear mind and meshed with the elements, a most fond time in my life.

Days and years go quickly and with time so does the vitality worn by countless shovels and endless barrows that have changed the landscape.

Insight is what remains, tied to the experiences of those days but open to the world in a far broader sense.

Sometimes I’m within the bubble, warm and comfortable, yet I like to see what lies beyond and explore the outcomes to the end.

Locally this is relatively simple, though globally it becomes another world that largely escapes me.

Perhaps a local cure will inspire a global revolution?

Local life is like a giant pyramid scheme and mostly and fortunately we are somewhere near the top of the heap, being fed from communities elsewhere on our planet that have nought to speak of.

Inequity is our primary challenge and that is hampered by greed and lack of compassion.

We are bombarded from many angles, but primarily our politicians set the agenda and within the childish ramblings of parliament via the stroke of a pen, our lives are set on aimless courses, cursed with constant challenges perpetuated until the next whim floats to the top of the swill.

I’m talking very broadly here, but I’m sure we can assemble a stadium full of examples with little effort on our part if required.

This constant friction caused by incompetent politicians has our state at gridlock.

We have a system that may well have started with good intentions, but surely we can see that it is not only broken, but beyond salvage?

With all we know and all our assets, we should be purring along in a stretch limo, but we find ourselves white knuckle passengers in a TK Bedford, tyres to the wire, too hot on an off camber corner at the edge of a cliff and on collision course with a guard rail that someone forgot to install.

For inspiration we have a premier coupled to a tattered public purse, with a penchant for private projects and industry gone wrong, we have a minister who fails to grasp the concept of right and wrong-perhaps the only colour in his black and white world, and we have a coalition minister lapping up his shot at power which has blurred reality like half a jar of vaso on the lens.

All this role model perfection in just the last few weeks.

How are our children and our grandchildren supposed to respond?

Are these politicians to be the endless curse we must endure or is there someway we can reprogram these lost souls so we stand some chance of forward progress?

Our state is blessed with many great people, visionaries and experts, people of substance.

Unfortunately very few have been granted the space to fly.

Regardless of how many arrows an engineer draws on the ground to indicate his desired path for the flow of water, an old barrow boy knows that gravity is no engineers’ servant and at its want, will find its own level.