This may seem unrelated to many of the activities, you are developing at the moment but it is well and truly related to the need for artistic groups to focus on as it is major concern to many Australian communities.

The Rail Tram and Bus Union have been among the more conscious unions who have supported the Community Arts movement in Australia over a number of years. As a Union it has always seen the significant part that art can play in clarifying matters of community concern, in the day to day life of workers and the public in general.

The Union is not standing still on Public Transport problems and is involved with a number of campaigns on the issue across Australia at the moment.

Our current National Journal for example carries a feature article “Rail :a new golden age? Commenting on the Federal Government’s plan to pump some money into rail infrastructure as part of it economic stimulus plan.

Railway related Songs and Poetry is in demand please see the Australian Railway Story for some details

BRIAN DUNNETT Trains of Treasure project
Please find some information for your members and others who maybe interested in details of a song and poem competition being run by the Rail Tram and Bus Union. See  for details.