wearing a traffic light green t shirt
standing in the middle of the road
trying to stop cars for a hand out
creating irony but nothing edible
as the day warps into art’s sake
and only the odd tourist
catches shock like a cold
feeling culturally confused
this is Hobart - Tasmania … right?
the locals know her name
has passed its used by date
even writing about her in the present tense
is risky business

Like a gang

so much so that
the general public
part before them
nothing miraculous
just caution
in the 21st century
mid afternoon
in an Australian city
just kids
passing around
a toy cap gun
taking turns firing
into the crowd
a few people startle
suck air and swear
the world’s gone mad
mouths hung open
long enough
for it to mean something
but nobody screams
and there’s no blood
none of the real fear
that in some circles
passes for respect
not their circle
not yet
and by the time it reaches
the hands of the leader
the novelty has almost
worn off

© Jane Williams

Peter Macrow,
Tasmanian Times Poetry Editor.
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Jane Williams