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Please Pass the Carbon Parcel

I love the logic in that thought: for every cubic card of crap
That big polluters dump on us, and build their mullock cash upon:
We’ll give them rights to trade that off in tree plantations paid
For by the Ponzi schemes which used one dupe, to buy another.

That’s good! Let’s turn the planet’s plight around by shuffling paper
Once again to bundle up the cost of things, then pass the package on.
And when the climate’s music stops, when all the species must get off
As everything on earth is fucked: does the last one with the parcel, win?

Carbon Futures

Two thousand seagulls at the tip
Then told us of that sign which says
The right to scavenge has been sold
To “Garbage Guts: Incorporated”

Now I cannot teach my son the joy of
Swapping rubbish every month in salvage
Of those sheets of tin and perfect planks
Which city folk most kindly trash.

Bought secondhand is not the same: the
Fair exchange of wastage dumped
For a chook shed built from the back
Load sorted from a day’s debris

Then brought a joy, and made one feel
As if the timing of this life was true: as
If all we shared might take us forward
While slowly turning souls to earth.

But greed has bought organics too: such
Business shall sustain the text: they’ll
Cost the air at water rates when every yard
Of earth is taxed, with a levy, on each view;   

And though such measures shall be pushed
To quote a future sharing round more fairly:
The profiteers have bought that right, to sell us
Out when Greening makes the past polluters rich.

Paul Healy will be reading these and other lyrics from his collection:

“Carbon Futures: The Poetry of Climate Change”at Fullers Bookshop, Collins Street Hobart, on Sunday November 7 at 2 pm.

This reading is a part of a weekend of “Poetry For Pakistan” readings to raise funds for the flood ravaged people of Pakistan

Everyone is welcome and all donations will go directly to the Caristas “Pakistan Flood Appeal”.

Other readings on the weekend are:

Saturday November 6

Drifter’s Café: 6.30 pm “Ghosts of Galapagos” The Poetry of Flight          

St Johns Church, Richmond 2.30 pm: “A God Who Smiles: Lyrics of the Spirit and The Soul”


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