U.N. Take Note

Somewhere in P.N.G.
3000 warriors stand steady
bows in hand
arrows set at the ready
for only two hours per day
fighting a feud
about a P I G
some may think of only as food
but which is an issue as big
as the Berlin Wall
Korea’s divide
or South Vietnam’s fall.

Tribal Winter Grounds
Carlton River

Sun is captured
in this winter haven
hidden from chilling wind.

The succulent staple
of this cove’s tribe
thrive on mudbanks
in their fluted casings.

All is as it was
 birdsongs can be heard
 crab colonies pit the sand
 miniature molluscs encrust rocks
only the tribe has gone.


Viewing Fridays
From Forest Road

Five minutes from
where the money machines
change the week’s hard work
into twenty-dollar bill
fistful offerings for publicans
suburban chickens are cackling eggs
onto imported country straw.

Omelettes gently fry
on well-greased pans
as grain
converted by flying notes
disappears down
nearby city drains
as piss and spew.

© Kitty Madeson

Peter Macrow,
Tasmanian Times Poetry Editor.
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Kitty Madeson