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*Pic: Anonymous’ pic of the Royal Derwent Hospital. RDH was the first job Anon had since school.

First published July 10

He says: “Meanwhile just look at the utter waste of the former Royal Derwent Hospital site (what is left of it that the vandals haven’t burnt down); could easily be renovated for a much needed Mental Health Ward and a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Unit. Shame on all successive Tasmanian Government’s; could also be used to house the homeless etc etc.

Mind you, conveniently the majority of staff (personnel records) have been destroyed by a private contractor the Tasmanian Government paid to look after them. My question is why did they do this? and why were such records not sent to the State Archives Office (as per the State Archives Act 1983?).

Such a sad waste ... yet look at all the millions wasted on a handful of youth at Ashley Youth Detention Centre. New Norfolk is much closer to the main Risdon Prison, the Royal Hobart Hospital and the Courts etc etc. It needs a full open Parliamentary Inquiry for dormer staff and patients.

The RDH Pool and RDH Cinema complex remain empty ... absolute waste & disgrace. We used to go swimming in the pool with the patients who were safe and well enough as part of their Occupational Therapy (OT).

And those who also behaved well (didn’t bash any fellow staff and our patients) were also rewarded by going to our own CINEMA. You know when patients were well enough to be discharged. They actually left RDH with cash; not these days. It cost’s over $30,000 to go into a Private Mental Health Hospital (noting that is the cheapest one!). When will our Politicians learn? “

I would love to know the following:

1. Cost of RDH to run in its last ten (10) years

2. Cost of public and private mental health services the last ten years!

I bet RDH wouldn’t even cost a quarter of what they are really wasting on ad-hoc service’s both public and private.

You simply cannot shove mental health patients in a white mainstream hospital based ward and expect them to get well in anyway. I saw enough when my brother went into the RHH Mental Ward and I told the Psychiatrist there (in-charge) how much a disgrace it was compared to the patient care & safety provided at the RDH.

She did not know what to say. There was no OT (Occupational Therapy so no art, no outings, no cognitive therapy even happening). Sadly then most people pretend they are well to get out of the place ... then end up committing suicide.

You cannot ‘outsource’ our fellow Human Beings who are suffering from Mental Health Issues.

Vids of the Royal Derwent Hospital ...

Archival Video ... Willow Court Asylum, New Norfolk

Mental health patient wait times in Tasmania’s emergency departments are the worst in 20 years, a senior representative of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry says.

New figures released by the Tasmanian Government show in the financial year to March, mental health patients at the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) waited as long as six days in the emergency department (ED) before being admitted to the mental health ward or discharged.

The maximum emergency department wait time for mental health patients at the Launceston General Hospital (LGH) was almost four days, 1.57 days at the Mersey Community Hospital (MCH) and 1.3 days at the North-West Regional Hospital (NWRH).

Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Milford McArthur said long wait times were far too common at the Royal.

“Psychiatrists are reporting to the college … up to 10 [mental health] patients there in the emergency departments waiting between one to four days would be the most common.”

Median wait times were lower for the same period; nearly five hours at the LGH, 4.4 hours at the RHH, two hours at MCH and nearly three hours at NWRH.

A recent inquiry into the state’s health system heard a man took his own life in the ED waiting room of the Royal Hobart Hospital …

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