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Over Time ...

Over time I expect to know more,
to see more,
to see deeper than what appears on the surface.
Someday, I will have no money,
and with any money I have I will buy teacups with roses and exotic teas to drink.
I will buy rare op-shop finds and never wear the same outfit twice.
I will dye my hair dark red, cut it short and get the bluntest fringe possible.
I will always change my appearance.
I will wear great amounts of eyeliner, mascara and massive, fantastic earrings.
I will send postcards to old friends,
letters to new friends,
and I am never going to use the internet.
I will only write on black paper with white pen.
I will write my most fascinating and beautiful stories
in a small black notepad that no one will ever lay eyes on,
aside from my one daughter whom I will call Fleur and have when I am thirty six.
She will be strange looking, yet beautiful too.
She’ll have short brown hair, will be awkwardly skinny,
wear tortoiseshell wayfarer sunglasses and oversized t-shirts,
and every day she’ll carry a different bag with different shoes.
I will tell Fleur of the greatest bands I have ever known.
I will tell her of Jeff Buckley, of Joy Division, and of Steely Dan,
their music and how it entranced my mind and soul, with their words which fit to make such a perfect song.
I’ll tell her of Andy Warhol and his superstar years with the eccentric Edie Sedgwick.
I will stay up late on school nights with her when she is fifteen and a half,
drinking peppermint tea and watching great movies like Donnie Darko, Control, American Beauty and The Virgin Suicides.
Though maybe none of this will happen…

Eleanor Weare is a creative writing student at Rosny College. She was awarded editor’s choice for the Rosny Writers’ issue of The Poets’ Republic, launched at the Republic Readings on the 10th of October where she read some of her poetry.