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Dear Luke Martin* and Chris Griffin*,

In your respective capacities at TICT* and TNT*,  I am well aware of your love of cycling and naturally, your promotion of a rail trail replacing the north east line. 

No doubt the economic analysis will look carefully at all aspects, including the NTD* report of February 2014 upon which the successful proposal by Dorset Council for $1.47 Million funding for the cycle trail was based. 

But let’s have a look at the figures: estimated 65 cyclists per day? That’s 455 cyclists per week, which is more than 10% of cyclists in Tasmania over the age of 15!  Probably a bit much. 

As for estimated spend, Providence Vineyards, Lilydale IGA, Lilydale Take-away and Bridestowe Lavender Farm would dispute this. 

And riding road bike tyres over 5mm crushed blue metal would be akin to riding over crushed glass!  But, that’s the plan.  Add to that, following the Reachtel survey of Dorset on 4 October, 70% of residents do not want a cycle trail. 

All but four of the residents and farmers along the line don’t want a cycle trail and at Coldwater creek there is no access and the private landowners embracing that junction won’t grant it. 

I would appreciate it if you two took off your cleats and had an open look at the rail option. 

On tourist and heritage rail in Victoria, run by volunteers, over 800,000 fare-paying passengers were carried last year and the growth is over 10% pa. 

Why can’t Tasmania have this?  And why should the iconic Denison Gorge be limited to cyclists and those fit enough to walk the distance?

*Luke Martin is CEO of Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania and *Chris Griffin is CEO of Tourism Northern Tasmania.

*NTD used to be Northern Tasmania Development

Rebecca White at Northern Suburbs Rail Action Group annual meeting