Rosie and the blue Boy

Hey you with your ballroom eyes
Small town girl
Seduced by the local constable down by the drowning river
Amid blossomed apple flowers
Behind simple fronted street houses
Sheltering from the homeless wind

He laid his head on her bubbies and blubbered
In the digger dark
She arched her back giving the signal
To remove the hardly anything at all panties
In the hush of the moon

There there biddy bobby blue boy
Taking his pulse with her lips
The tree with its life and death branches
Honest lies, dishonest tears
Two coins in a trousered pocket

You stoush run em in boy
At home with the bloodstained bitumen
What paradoxical foxical behaviour
Emanating from two like minded lovers
Then In that moment of disguise.
They swore to each other forever.

Neville Rodman