Come and meet a smiling stranger
  Down a highway of laughter
  Ears ringing with surprises
  No forced decisions
  My favorite colour is blue she said
  With a faraway look in her eye
  And not only she knew what it meant
  To look up and see the sky
  Poor Oscar is Reading gaol
  Did also like the blue
  Of which he wrote in pathetic poem
  An so I digress says the digressor
  Who makes no apology
  Except to the lady who brought the tea
  And he accidentally dropped ash on her shoe
  Give me a man says she and oh what a snob
  Phew! could you bear it
  One who reads books on etiquette
  And binds her daughters in a prison of guilt
  Craves for company does Uncle Jack
  Never had enough so long as he can hold the floor
  No audience is rewarding when they are chained
  By conventions or good manners or even inertia
  Grudges are like fertilizer
  They keep on adding to the strength of the stem
  Smiling never hurt anyone but smirking or grinning did
  That drove Keith Ayling to murder would you believe?
  She was only twenty six milk skinned and soft
  Where are they going to put him safely
  He cannot undo his wrath
  He told his lawyer
  Whom we hate because he was born with a silver spoon
  Somewhere on his person
  And the world turns beneath the sun again
  We all make noises about the weather and whether and never
  But still come back to the trough to eat the swill
  Then curse the farmer who filled it  


    Thats not poetry!
    He said
    With timbre in his voice
    That crude street doggerel
    I will not give it voice

    I have a reputation
    People need my claim
    I’m on the side of tick a boo
    I’ll ne’er give a damn

    Dransfield was rejected
    By the very best Ed crit
    When writing to the Australian
    For years and years to whit

    So what! we"re not historians
    I could’nt give a shit
    Just learn to write like WE do
    And then I may ... just may
    Give in a little bit