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First published February 15





With plans underway to establish more fish farms off the coast of Bruny Island and further offshore in Storm Bay, Neighbours of Fish Farming (NOFF) will hold a film session at Dennes Point on Sunday morning, March 19, for residents interested in a deeper understanding of the potential effect of salmon farms on people and the environment.

The film, Net Loss, was filmed in Chile, the US and Canada and assesses the risks and benefits of salmon farming through interviews with government and industry spokesmen, who make the case for salmon farming, and the fishermen, native people and scientists who warn of the dangers it poses and the damage it has already done.

Although it was filmed some 13 years ago, NOFF spokesperson, Christine Materia, says the documentary contains salient warnings for the future of salmon farming in Tasmania.

A number of the problems Net Loss examines are now becoming increasingly evident in Tasmania, Ms Materia says.

The film session will be followed by a Q&A session with former Greens senator, Bob Brown, and NOFF members familiar with the issues.

Neighbours of Fish Farming was established to address community concerns about the impact of salmon farming and to promote the eventual relocation of salmon farms ashore.

The film will be shown at the Dennes Point Community Hall at 11am on Sunday, March 19. Entry is $10 for waged and $5 for unwaged people.

Further information can be obtained by emailing: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

• New and improved for 2017:
Le Tour de Cygnet
Sunday, April 9, 2017 - Cygnet & area

With the unexpected success of the inaugural Le Tour de Cygnet in February this year, Le Weekend @ Cygnet committee has decided that the 2017 event will be even bigger and better – with numerous prizes including a grand prize of a Specialized bicycle donated by sponsor, Bike Ride of Hobart.

The first Le Tour de Cygnet attracted about 180 riders for two events – one a 17k family “dawdle” through beside Port Cygnet Bay and the other an “endurance” event of 38k.

With lessons learned from the first event, the committee organising April’s outing has decided to make the Endurance event a good deal more challenging, the Family event just that little bit easier and to provide a back roads route for young, inexperienced children and their parents.

In keeping with the nature of Le Weekend @ Cygnet as a celebration of the area’s French heritage, Le Tour de Cygnet will not be a race but a joyful outing for cycle enthusiasts, family cyclists and those who bike occasionally for the fun of it.

Everyone has a chance to win the prizes on offer – but it’ll help you win if your bike and outfit have a distinctly French flavour to them. Every rider has a chance to win the major prize regardless of whether they manage to complete the route.

The Endurance event will take riders almost 70 kilometres along the Channel Highway over a couple of challenging hills, while the Family event has far fewer ups and downs over 20 kilometres between Cygnet and Nicholls Rivulet. For younger cyclists, there is a back road run along the Slab Road that is flat and covers just 8 kilometres.

This year anyone who wants to participate can sign-up on-line and be covered by Cycling Australia insurance.

Le Weekend @ Cygnet has received considerable support from local cycling enthusiasts and clubs which have supplied traffic warning signs, volunteer marshals and lead and follow cars.

What is it: Le Tour de Cygnet - a family and social outing for enthusiasts and dabblers alike.
Where is it: It starts and finishes in the Town Square (La Place), Cygnet
When is it: Sunday morning, April 9, 2017 from 9am
How much: Endurance starts at 9am and costs $30; Family starts at 9.30am and costs $20; Kids starts at 10am and costs $15.
Insurance: This event is fully insured by Cycling Australia
What do I need: A bike, a helmet, some water and a bit of puff
How to enter: Registrations on line at

*Peter George is a former journalist who lives now in Cygnet