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My letter to The Examiner has been edited. It was published 12/5/2011.

I still stand by my statement that Barry Prismall wrote an excellent editorial, but the intent of the letter has not been portrayed , i.e ,that the Herald Sun the largest circulation newspaper in the country had given Tasmania so much free promotion of its Tasmanian Brand with the Hawthorn Football Club.{ By all accounts the state needs this promotion } why not include it?

I may be missing the point but what did The Examiner have to lose by not printing this fact ? Surely the Herald Sun is not a threat to The Examiner’s circulation?

As Lindsay Tanner,  former Finance Minister,  has stated the press and other media are manipulating the factual information and the populace is poorer for it.

Jeff Kennett a former Victorian Premier must be given credit for how he has promoted Tasmania, his support of the two links golf courses at Bridport cannot be quantified, with 12,000 playing golf there in March 2011. I believe like many others he is a great advocate for Tasmania;  our new Tourism Minister Scott Bacon should have him on his appointment list because he is an old school mate of his late father Jim.

The letter in full:


Whilst our state government and southern interests champion North Melbourne playing A.F.L. matches in Hobart in 2012 , one must consider the damage they are doing to the Tasmanian Brand.

Former Premier the late Jim Bacon, clearly stated cricket in the south, A.F.L. football in the north.

His vision is exemplified for example by the Herald Sun Australia’s largest circulation newspaper on   Friday May the 6th, 2011 .

Page 108 .Stephen Gilham full display, two fellow team mates on page 109.

Full page of defender Josh Gibson on page 105.

On all 3 . pages 105. 108. 109.    Tasmania is displayed on their jumpers.

One can only quantify the publicity Tasmania is receiving in its largest tourism market.

Rosemary Armitage has championed Jim Bacon’s vision and the electorate has rewarded her, 10,695 votes after preferences compared to Liberal candidate Sam McQuestin,  8,369 after preferences.

As Barry Prismall states in his excellent editorial 9/5/2011. Dismal result for state goverment ,results not all rosy for Will Hodgman Liberals who canvassed strongly in Launceston for his candidate after spending up big on a campaign over a year.Barry is correct it is time for them to have some ticker?

Brian P. Khan