Tasmania’s Indigenous community has come out fighting for Daniel Geale after Anthony Mundine rubbished his rival’s heritage.

The two fighters will meet in January in a rematch of their 2009 bout that was controversially awarded to Mundine on a split decision.

Mundine lit the fuse by questioning the WBA/IBF boxing champion’s Indigenous heritage at Thursday’s press conference, saying he should not wear the Aboriginal flag on his shorts.

“I thought they wiped all the Aborigines from Tasmania out,” Mundine said.

“That’s all I know. I don’t know, I don’t see him representing black people, or coloured people.

“I don’t see him in the communities, I don’t see him doing the things I do to people, and fighting for the people. But he’s his own man.

“He’s got a white woman, he’s got white kids. I keep it real, all day every day.”

When asked whether Geale deserved to sport the Aboriginal flag on his trunks, Mundine responded: “No.”

Trudy Maluga, state secretary, of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre took umbrage at Mundine’s claims.

“There’s a lot of non-Aboriginal people that we still have to fight against to get our struggle,” Maluga told Australia PM.

“Concentrate on them Mundine and leave your own people alone.

“And I just think that you need a few brain scans and you are being discriminative. Keep your mouth shut. We have been around, we’re part of black Australia, and I think that your comment is truly appalling.

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First published: 2012-10-19 02:43 AM

• Voice of Australia slams Mundine’s comments and lame excuse - says he must apologise and mean it, then shut up until he’s taken the time to educate himself.

“His comments were so racist and his apology so insincere, he needs to fix this if he ever expects to again be welcome in Tasmania.”

Tasmanian Aboriginal singer-songwriter, Dewayne Everettsmith, has spoken out against Aboriginal boxer Anthony Mundine’s racist comments and labelled Mundine’s apology, yesterday, as a joke and further evidence the boxer has much to learn about Aboriginal Tasmania.

“My usual way is to talk through my music, but I can’t sit back while anyone, particularly an Aborigine, uses such old, hateful lines to dishonour my people - the memory of my grandparents and mother - for his ridiculous games.”, Everettsmith said last night.

“And his apology yesterday can’t be taken seriously. He seemed to be saying, “Oops, I opened my mouth and said what I believe without thinking about the consequences.”

“Attitudes like that are just unacceptable. To put it in language Mundine might understand - Tasmanian Aborigines have gone plenty of rounds with racists and denialists and we’re still standing proud. The last thing we expect is to be king-hit by a prominent Aborigine doing the work of those who tried to wipe us out.”, Everettsmith stated.

Everettsmith believes Mundine needs to apologise properly, admit his ignorance, then keep quiet on the subject until he’s taken the time to learn about Tasmania’s Aboriginal history.

“He’d find Tasmanian blackfullas were petitioning Governors and fighting for their rights long before his mob even thought about it and we kept on fighting for those rights. We still are - and we don’t need Anthony Mundine making ignorant, racist remarks to suit his own ends.”

Dewayne Everettsmith has gained international exposure and recognition, and been labelled “the Voice of Australian Tourism”, since co-writing and singing the soundtrack to Tourism Australia’s current $250M global advertising campaign. The song in the ad, “It’s Like Love” has received over 20,000,000 online views, featured on TV and cinema screens in nearly 20 countries and is now available on iTunes.

Mundine’s apology ... of sorts ...