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The last gaming commission annual report (naerly a year old) said the statewide cap had been reached, but this might have changed since if some have been handed back. 

There is a max number allowed in hotels and clubs so you could not put surplus casino pokies into Elwick unless somehow it became legally classified as a casino (nothing is impossible with this govt!). 

Those allowed in clubs and pubs can be redistributed though, and this would be how to get them in. 

Federal controls this process. They own the machines, and can pull the plug on any poor old hotel they choose without redress.  It is one of the reasons there is such a culture of silence around the current arrangements in which the hotels bear almost all the costs, and all the risk, but Federal gets most of the profits.

The TGC have to approve each new application but approve unless the regs haven’t been followed (separate building etc)

The commission for all its inadequacy generally, would think it one step too far to have more than 40 I think, the most allowed for a club, on any one site as this would seem to be against the law. 

My guess would be they would get 40 very easily but above this would be hard without the government stepping in to change the goalposts. 

This could happen, perhaps as a PR push to reduce the total number of venues in Glenorchy, where there is such a concentration of pokies. 

Classifying it as a casino could also be a way of Federal running the pokies direct themselves. 

They make even more obscene profits from the large pokie barns the casinos have become than the clubs and pubs.  Large venues they directly run are the best for Farrrel family profit.  So I can see that the main players would be happy with one more Tassie casino, especially if Elwick is an ongoing financial embarrasement. 

Perhaps it could happen …

Deeper Throat adds: As far as I’m aware the three racing codes DON"T share “clubhouse” facilities. It follows that if they were standalone each of the three clubs could apply for and get the maximum number of pokies. The supporting argument to circumvent the regulations could be that the three codes don’t conduct joint meetings, therefore only 40 machines would be accessible at one time.

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Deeper Throat  stands resolutely by her relevation* — Elwick and the pokies … of last week.

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