Like a conjunction of three planets
no actual collision occurred.
The phenomenon is a matter of perspective
where the planets appear to be in the same space
give or take a few degrees,
or even to touch, to eclipse, to occlude
but millions of miles separate them -,
although we did end up in the same room
but I didn’t have to cope on my own, thank heavens,
or try to control Klaus during the plumber’s visit,
a responsibility that had caused me some worry.

Or maybe it was like one of those logic puzzles
where you have to ferry
a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage
across a river safely
without anyone or anything getting eaten.
Obviously Klaus would be the wolf
because he’s a Doberman Pinscher,
a trained attack dog who sees everyone as an intruder
and especially any male as a perpetrator -
an opinion not without merit among some people -
while the plumber would be the goat.

He didn’t have a beard but he had a moustache
and he was very wary of the murderous barking,
not to mention the fangs
and the 80 pounds of muscle
lunging and plunging toward him
so he hardly spared me a second glance
while Klaus’ collar, thank heavens, was held by my friend,
his owner, instead of me, a mere guest in her house,
so this little cabbage
got shredded into coleslaw by nobody
and we 3 planets conjuncted but did not collide.

© Edith Speers

Peter Macrow,
Tasmanian Times Poetry Editor.
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Edith Speers