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Oh yes the mayors of Clarence, the present and the past

They’ve stained their hands forever with the poisons of Wentworth Park.

But the council has its secrets and great tomes they have on hand

Of the lies and innuendos blaming others for their actions on this land.

As rare illnesses escalated, and lonely protesters went unheard

The Council showed no scruples, no compassion and no care

Just covered up the out come of the flaws and blunders that in the past occurred.

But then began the furtive feverish digging up and the carting off of soils

From down beneath the pavements and bitumen of the streets.

Results of the soil testing a top secret - never shared.

It seems so very sad that human life has lost its value

When mere money and the reputation of the council is at stake.

Long days have seen the suffering of so many from the park

The hurt lies very deep, it never goes away

Where the Cancers go uncounted where the wastes had gone unsorted

In the landfills by the shore –

Where problems don’t exist if you look the other way

And where our cherished “children of tomorrow”, good neighbours and our friends

Are lost to us forever with no acknowledgment to this day.