I, Anger, am a powerful warrior,
Destroying in a single instant even the virtues accumulated over many eons,
And agitating body and mind.
I will definitely destroy you called “Love”,
Powerless in the minds of all living beings!

You who are called “Anger” are shameless and crazy.
In whoever’s mind you abide, blazing like a fire,
You burn the roots of virtue and create unhappiness.
Pacifying you with the moisture of love,
I, Love, am the bestower of happiness and contentment.

I, Anger, am an intrepid hero!
Abiding in all beings minds,
I destroy enemies and protect friends.
You, Love, are but a sneaky thief!

You and I must compete in strength.
All the wise will back me, Love.
Possibly a single brainless one will back you!
When we two compete, you are certain to be defeated.

So realising the faults of hatred, abandon it!
Recognizing the authenticity of love, practice it.
The mental factor of hatred acts to harm.
Love, wishing happiness, acts to benefit.
Therefore, strive always to cultivate love.
Understand that hatred is like a poison, my friends.

Forgive me for saying whatever advice came to my mind.
Composed by a vagabond with the name, “Love”.

Composed by Jampa Gyatso
Destroyer of the happiness and contentment of all migrating beings, Anger,
You infiltrate the minds of beings,
Dividing the harmonious and distracting the disharmonious,
If you do not behave yourself,
I, Love, will throw you to the mouth of patience!