Image for Little tiny smudge of fur, How I wonder what you were ... ?

A poetic tribute to Don Knowler’s Riding the Devil’s Highway, here

Little tiny smudge of fur
How I wonder what you were
Possum, quoll or wallaby?
How could you ever possibly
know to stop and look both ways
or that a car would end your days
the joey trapped inside your pouch
will never cry out ‘help’ or ‘ouch!’
In thirty million years of peace
you did not evolve for roads like these
where humans driving speedy cars
forget how vulnerable you are
Perhaps one day their government might
require them to slow down at night
but till then only very few
watch out from dusk till dawn
for you.

• Robert Middleton, USA, in Comments: Good as gold! I have enormous respect and admiration for the author, who clearly possesses wisdom, empathy, compassion, respect for life, and courage.