Shopping with Lemons in Norwood

Outside the Bi-Lo I spy him there,

Strolling to the drycleaners,

Neat garments on his arm.

“There’s Donny Dunston”-

A septugenarian confirms the obvious.

“A lovely man”, says Lemons,

“Good morning Don”.

Although it was half past two

In the grey afternoon, he replied,

Cordially, smoothly,

“Hello Lemons”.

-That was merely one sighting!

Next, predictably in a gallery,

Between portraits of Mandrake and Dick Tracy,

There he was again!

-Just as you’d expect…

I said nothing at all -

After all, I came to Adelaide

In good faith

On a train

And the wood pigeons say

All I wish to say:

An endless refrain:

I’ll see you again

And again

And again

                  K. Lindsay Arnold

                  William St




K. Lindsay Arnold

I’ve shot to the top - I’ve arrived:

I see Don Dunston everywhere!