THIS is getting positively bizarre: Mars sweetens AFL bid

Yet another splendid example of Tasmanian gullibility. Almost on a par with Jeff Kennett’s gleeful acceptance of one of the biggest freebies in Australian sporting history (courtesy of Rough Red), the Tasmanian Government’s millions-dollar sponsorship of the, I can barely bring myself to say it,  Tassie Hawks Urrrrgh.

For a start the $4m sponsorship over four years is simply peanuts. Peanuts wrapped in Mars bars … and will benefit only Mars through the free publicity. Oh clever. Marsians are way ahead of Taswegians.

I say again: Arrogant AFL pricks

PS: Tell you what, Dave and Paula, combine the $20mill or so Tassie Hawks’ sponsorship with Mars offer and give it to the hard-working public servants. That would make me a True Believer, Bar None.