Image for Liberals Must Rule Out Changes to Permits

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt must categorically rule out altering the Pulp Mill permit conditions that would allow the use of native forest feedstock.

In addition, the State Liberal government must immediately formulate the same policy should the site be sold for construction of a biomass plant.

While the Greens would welcome the sale to make way for a sustainable and renewable energy source, the fact remains that Tasmania possesses enough electricity and the government should not be entertaining the idea of strip mining our native forests to be burnt in furnaces under the guise of renewable energy.

Tasmania will not benefit from any of these options in the long term. 

The affect on the Tamar Valley and its primary produce and potential for tourism growth is always going to suffer in the event a pulp mill or biomass plant is constructed. 

• Robert Vincin in Comments: … What is not comprehended is, the trees have the major function to sustain life on the Planet! Trees are the transporter of rain from coast to upper catchment and protector of microbes, bees, birds they are co-workers in the survival of mankind. Fact is, trees depending upon soil as prime carbon elements the forest soil seldom host a second forest. The lost forest already cut has slowed rain to catchments. …