With nothing to gain from protecting life
Condemned by agents and soldiers of greed
Risking their lives for great voiceless giants
The forest echoes with machines and strife
Logs trucked to sawmills and pulp mills to feed
Sparking an alliance of defiance

The great redwoods rendered into charcoal
Nature’s cathedrals leveled to clearcuts,
Roaring chainsaws spitting eco-destruction
Tearing apart the forest heart and soul
Hard bodies hauled away on funeral trucks
Dying for humanity’s construction

Once the great trees were sacred entities
Providing life through food, shelter and air
Worshipped by ancient cultures of the wise
Ideas tossed for modern amenities
By a species that refuses to share
Severing all of nature’s sacred ties

Is there no one who will fight for the trees?
Where are the eco-warriors of the dark woods?
Calls for champions echo from the forest
Compassionate green Knights on bended knees
Verdant clad tree defending Robin Hoods
Voices rising high in righteous chorus

The mighty Oaks mercilessly struck down
Congealing sap growing cold as they die
Vicious axes felling white knotty pine
Ancient redwoods no longer can be found
So few humans to hear the forests cry
Man’s thoughtless arbocide crossing the line

Trees die for paper for funding appeals
Thick papers published on saving the trees
Signing petitions. send contributions!
Attending meetings, compromising deals
Lawyers reaping in hefty legal fees
Promises made devoid of solutions

A valiant few sit in the high branches
Ridiculed by the rich corporate greens
They alone stand up, fight for the forests
No legal support, taking their chances
Unsupported by paid greens with the means
Who visit the trees as eco-tourists

Warriors hamstrung by pseudo-morality
Pacific violence through silence
Bearing witness as giants groan and fall,
Limiting effective ability
The Earth calls out for violent defiance
While very few do anything at all

No inheritance for the green and meek
Never ending crash of dying sages
The awful carnage never stops nor rests
Destroyers are strong, defenders are weak
Life extinguished for fair union wages
Civilization always knows what’s best

Monkey wrenchers, tree sitters, and spikers
Betrayed by the corporate green machines
Assaulted, arrested, tried, fined and jailed
Police breaking up logging road strikers
Black smoke rising high from burning machines
Violence the last refuge when all has failed

In Madagascar the trees are falling
In Brazil the rain forest is dying
Tasmanian trees shredded to wood chips
The spotted owl from the trees is calling
Over clear cuts, dark vultures are flying
Into the flesh of the trees the saw rips

The silent rustling screams reach deaf ears
Killers never hear, smell or see evil
Conscience is cheap sawdust in the strong gale
Not feeling the giant’s intimate fears
Our lust for gold remains medieval
Destruction remains humanity’s tale

Ravaged redwoods lie rotten on the slopes
Once proud Douglas Fir dragged through the red dirt
The cedar bleeds through vicious wounds so deep
Great giants bound to trucks with chains and ropes
Whose drivers cannot see or feel the hurt
Amidst the slaughter few humans still weep

Two thousand years standing in noble state
Survivor of lightening, fire and flood,
Witness to nature’s living history
Never imagining such tragic fate
Shamefully expiring in the mud
Obliterating another mystery

When the last wild forest tree is no more
Replaced by tree farms in ordered even rows
Ready for harvest, money in the bank
Trees of all kinds for sale in the tree store
A license needed before a tree grows
Valued only for paper, board and plank

The taming of the wild achieved at last
No more diversity, no more danger
Ordered, catalogued, monitored and clean,
Old growth a romantic myth from the past
No more need for warden or for ranger
Logs all the same, tall, one species and lean

It is a future that we must reject
The dominant paradigm rejected
Declaring war on the killers of trees
Discovering strategies to elect
Rejecting the criminals elected
To hear the voices of leaves in the breeze

Raising our fists in righteous defiance
Taking back the forests from human greed
Restoring balance and diversity
Rejecting all corporate reliance
Freeing genetics, releasing the seed
Grasping the strong sword of adversity

Monkey wrenching the forest destroyers
Breaking the links of the roaring chainsaws
Smashing the machines, logging trucks and mills
Contemptuous of corporate lawyers
Their purchased corporate designer laws
Justifying all of their evil kills

If trees do dream, they dream of salvation
Seeking an alliance with those who care
With those who hear the voices in the leaves
Dreaming of freedom and liberation
And the return of the owl, elk, and bear
And to the web of life they once did weave

Evil was birthed with the rape of a tree
Upon a dead tree hope and truth was nailed
Beneath a tree the Iroquois made peace
Our future depends on trees being free
We die with the trees if our fight has failed
We must stand with the trees and with the beast

Embracing the trees is embracing life,
Bare feet and toes in the rich forest mud,
Feeling the Earth, listening to the leaves
Green knights of the dark wood engaging strife
Giving all, our courage, tears, strength and blood
As we hear the leaves speaking in the breeze

(Captain Watson is presently at sea in the Southern Ocean on a campaign against Japanese whaling)

Captain Paul Watson

Can you hear the leaves speaking in the breeze
Whispers and murmurs so subtle and soft
Talk is of evil stalking the forest
Silent screams shiver within crying trees
Defenders hang protest banners aloft
Selfless players in the wooded chorus