Image for Lambie disappointed by loss of Burnie International Tennis Classic ...

... and the Liberal’s greed and silence


I was bitterly disappointed Federal Member for Braddon Brett Whiteley (above) had nothing to say about the potential loss of an event that is the beating heart of the North-West Coast economy.

The media’s coverage of the potential loss of the Burnie International Tennis Classic this week showed Brett Whiteley preferred not to comment on that matter.

I find it sad the North-West Coast’s Federal representative hasn’t come out fighting for the Burnie Tennis Club and the North-West Coast.

I understand he needs to toe the Liberal Party line, but there is a time and a place where the community’s best interests must come before political loyalty – and this is the time and the place.

The money is there to save the Burnie International; Senator Eric Abetz is simply holding on to it like a spoilt and greedy schoolyard bully.

The economic and social benefits are obvious for supporting the Burnie International, including $850,000 injected into the local economy every year and the immediate boost to local job security and creation.

And let’s not forget the global exposure from the event being live streamed worldwide.

It’s time the schoolyard bully was challenged and the $15 million Cadbury fund was fairly shared with all Tasmanians.”


Burnie International on hold due to no cash for upgrade

“Senator Abetz said he recognised the importance of the event but the government was unable to assess whether prioritised funding should be granted at such short notice.

Braddon MHR Brett Whiteley was contacted for comment.”

Jacqui Lambie: Burnie International Tennis Classic worth a fight for funds Finally, after reading his public comments, I’m struggling to understand exactly what kind of support Mr Whiteley has given to the Burnie International Challenger. Has he written a letter or made a phone call – or has he been caught out making excuses for his laziness again?