This secret’s not for couch cowboys or white dough warriors
not for shoot ‘em up punks who ‘pow pow’ the screen
sure Jean Claude and Arniecan’t survive a firefight
without that red hot digit
nor those Lotharios who blue lit and alone
burp down sodasgorge ameat lover’s special
with double cheese crust.

This secret wants to be worked at   worked out
has muscle definition   wants to raise a sweat.
This secret’s only for thosetough enoughto carry
it homekiss it to their darlings.
Iron men know that Kevlar hearts retain heat longer
steel legs maintain their spring   biceps their strength.
Entertain all the leading ladies. 


He moves over me.
Sets his weapon to skin.
Downed by darkness,
au tremblant,
I lie spread wet
beneath the shudder and sigh
of his coup de grace.


She slunk in well after midnight
shoelessand smelling slightly
of pumpkin.
“Where have you been?”
“To the ball.”
I clipped her around the ear
shoved her towards the kitchen.
Such a princess.
“Just remember your place.”
“Rats,” she said.