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Iraq War and Islamic State

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will ask the Prime Minister the following in Question Time in Federal Parliament this afternoon.

``Prime Minister the Iraq War has raged for 12 years and created the circumstances for the rise of Islamic State.

And all on the basis of the lies about weapons of mass destruction and Osama bin Laden.

Prime Minister, seeing as we helped start this war and create the Islamic State threat, will you acknowledge the Howard Government got it very wrong and agree to a proper war inquiry?”

WHEN:  Approx. 2.15pm TODAY Tuesday 16 June 2015

WHERE: House of Representatives, Parliament House Canberra

( Watch live at )

• Ted Mead in Comments: Hmm - There seem to be a few posts about TT being biased or political. I wonder what they expect from an online forum - the mind boggles!?!? Essentially opinion is politics. It’s as simple as that! Put two people in a room together and in most cases you will have politics. The reason Andrew Wilkie gets a fair run is because he works hard, is willing to put himself out there, and tackles the big issues. The majority of TT readers probably agree with his view, and if you don’t then you have politics.