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Sarawak Report can disclose that the connections between Tasmania’s primary industries and the Chief Minister’s cousin, Hamed Sepawi, are far more extensive than previously publicised.

These worrying links not only threaten the integrity of old-growth forests back in Tasmania, they are also working to wreak destruction over vast swathes of the Borneo Jungle, as Taib‘s hugely controversial mega-dam project gets underway.

Sarawak Report can reveal what would appear to be a tit for tat deal, whereby Sepawi, appointed by his cousin as Head of Sarawak’s state electricity company, has offered a massive hydro-electricity contract to Hydro-Tasmania at the same time as his private timber venture, Ta Ann, has been allowed to benefit from subsidies and logging in Tasmania’s conservation forests.

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*Picture: Sepawi (left) and Taib favourite Awang Tenggah (centre) sign the Memorandum of Understanding with former Tasmanian government minister David Crean, now of Hydro-Tasmania last year.