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The world’s nations will meet at the UN in Paris on December to continue dialogue on “How to save the Planet and Mankind”

After 21 years of meetings no business plan has been tabled on where to start ... or what to do!

Nations despatch an ever-changing array of delegates to listen to the dialogue and to report on the outcome.

If running the Planet was akin to running a Corporation our business approach would be totally different.

Earth is our base business and home.

Our local neighbourhood operates under strict laws set in place by an elected executive Council ...

But we “run” the Planet with an ad-hoc array of people adding their “thoughts” on what might be done …

Tasmania is no different ... It is a jewel in the world crown, containing as it does a far more “natural” state than is evident in other parts of the world.

But the terrible truth is that it is in danger of being massively degraded by absolute ineptitude ...

Tasmania has the most amazing baseline assets ... soil, water, vegetation and atmosphere. These are priceless “commodities”.

But they are in imminent danger of being stripped without any regard to the inter-relationship.

Two examples:

• The RET ... and the plan to mine the old-growth forests to fuel furnaces (once) to generate electricity. So-called bio-mass furnaces.

• The mad rush to irrigate grazing land to grow food.

If Tasmania was to commence sequestering CO2 into now-exhausted former forest land and incorporate growing soil in the new irrigated farm land ... serious perpetual jobs and income would far exceed any income from burning forests.

Modern Man in less than 300 years has stripped carbon from the Earth converting it to CO2. Now the CO2 is getting thick and is altering the Sun and essential elements reaching the surface of the Planet. We need to re-grow soil and Soil carbon.

If we eat vegetables to become meat what did the carrot eat!

Yes ... soil ... soil-carbon and elements.

Only 2-4% of Earth’s vegetation converts the atmospheric element via their root manure to become solid elements. Clover is a case in point; when the soil needs a “fix of nitrogen clover delivers”. Few people realize the function weeds play in the survival of Man.

Tasmania is ideally situated to sequester part of 300 years of emissions to become soil. Well planned perpetual food, forestry-funded under the Kyoto Protocol, Grow carbon- jobs money and carbon-rich apples.

The major function of the forests in Tasmania is to commence the transpiration of rain northward.

Soils under the rainforest are historically shallow; the tree consumes all the possible carbon generated by undergrowth up into its biomass.

There is no secondary function of the exhausted soil.

The mad rush to irrigate has been undertaken without any executive plan for sustainable yields of the soil.

We should have learnt from decades of grazing. Grasses have stripped carbon from the soil ... so to now convert to crop growing without putting in place a plan to grow the soil is unsustainable.

Trees, rice, cotton, most grain and vegetables represent 96% of Earth’s vegetation cover ... and only 2-4% sequesters CO2e.

This small percentage of vegetation via its root manure grows perpetual soil, soil-carbon elements.

Whether you are a homemaker or a corporate accountant, the terrible truth is that your grandchildren do not have a future in Tasmania ... if the current paradigm holds sway.

The same applies globally! Africa is a case in point; man became seafaring and stripped the nations back to deserts. Transpiration, sequestration, shelter, temperature control, home to bees and birds ... gone.

The worst-case scenario says we have 40-60 years of soil - to grow food - left.

The question must be: what qualification of asset management housekeeping does the executive of Tasmania Inc. and Australia Inc. have?

A further question is: What is the documented sustainability protocol for the young folk to study at school and University?

If all nations have a prevailing cavalier approach heading for Paris ... God help the historians of tomorrow!

It is time to face some hard truths: Where do we start reparation?

But we can, with good planning - and the knowledge of how to grow perpetual soil - adopt the management regime of soil-water-vegetation-atmosphere.

Tasmania can be THE example for the world to follow.

We just need the political leadership ... and the will.

Download this simple scenario ...


This YouTube site explains how Australians are growing soil in deserts ...


All about Robert Vincin:

Born before WW2 and brought up in an engineering/farming business. Developed an understanding of soil and how to recycle and grow it ...

In 1995 I was Electoral Secretary to then (Liberal) Opposition Leader John Howard (with the specific task of getting Green groups onside; in 1995 I was also co-author with Tony Abbott MP of a Green Corp Direct Action Plan (outlined in the Adelaide Review of June 95)

1995-2000; The United Nations Under-Secretary-General invited me to join the panel preparing what was to be Kyoto Protocol. Travelled to every continent including detours to view deserts and poverty regions - from the anthropogenic degradation of Easter Island to the stripping of Africa and Middle East; viewing the worst of life and environmental degradation; building a precise understanding of the actual inter-relationship of soil/water/vegetation/atmosphere and associated bees/birds/microbes/weeds and the role they play in equilibrium.

1995 was a key year in formulating an engineering plan to replicate a Nature Repair Replacement Protocol. The only way the industrial world would agree to reduce CO2e (equivalent all gasses) would be to hove low-cost CO2e offsets (For every tonne of CO2 emitted vegetation would be planted in hostile damaged land (deserts in their many forms)). Emission Traders International Pty Ltd was established along with the Emission Trading Association of Australia Ltd (ETAA).  In 2005 the Peoples Republic of China government invited ETAA to teach at universities in China on climate change business opportunities and advise the Central Government. Vincin Bin Li Ltd was established to lead in setting up an Eminent Person Perpetual Trust. Following serious proven pilot projectss in hostile deserts the contracts now cover 200 million hectares … 19% of China. President Xi will grant land tenure 2016 and Farmers will lead in trading CO2 offsets to grow store carbon.

In 2014 I was invited to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)  Food and Agricultural Organisation’s first food security assembly to reverse deserts and grow soil.  Well-planned African and Chinese mass CO2 offset planting will stall CO2e build up.

If Tasmania was to commence sequestering CO2 into now exhausted former forest land and incorporate growing soil in the new irrigated farm land ... serious perpetual jobs and income would far exceed any income from burning forests.

• Frank and Karin, Milano, in Comments: ”... to reverse deserts and grow soil” - Yes, these are very practical,important steps to restore the global carbon levels. Needless to say that such actions will also create positive community spirit, meaningful employment and financial returns. Having just visited the Ökoregion Kaindorf = Eco-Region Kaindorf in Austria and the well-managed diverse mountain forests of Slovenia (NO clearfelling since 1948) we have experienced again what is possible if, and when good people work together for a better future. It is up to the Tasmanian Community and Industries to come together to be creative and open for positive (carbon negative) change. Chiao! from Milano / Italy train station