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The Liberal Government is a strong supporter of the arts and events in Tasmania.

Organisers of Hobart Baroque requested total funding of $3.05 m for the 2015 – 2017 financial years, on average $1m a year and substantially more than the $200,000 it received in the first year, and $400,000 last year.

It is important to note that this funding has never been funded out of the existing Events Tasmania Festivals budget. Instead, additional, unbudgeted allocations were provided by the former government.

Therefore, in the context of the current tough fiscal environment the Government determined it was appropriate to offer Baroque Festival organisers the same amount as last year - $300,000 from the state, and $100,000 from the Commonwealth.

Research by Events Tasmania shows the festival attracts approximately 1000 visitors from interstate.

On this basis, and given the terrible state the Budget was left in by the previous Labor-Green government we believe this is an appropriate and responsible offer.

I am disappointed organisers have chosen not to take up this offer as I believe the Festival was a welcome addition to our calendar of events.

Hobart Baroque: Stunning!

• Jane Rankin-Reid, in Comments: Don’t Go Leo! We don’t always agree about matters of artistic taste, but for Tasmanian music lovers and visitors, your’s has been a magnificent contribution. And yes it hurts like hell to have your brilliant idea knocked back by local arts funding bodies after you’ve worked so hard and gained so much trust in this community to support your vision.

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