Image for Help End Marijuana Prohibition branch launches in Tasmania

The National HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) Party takes this opportunity to announce the formation of a Tasmanian state Branch to campaign locally for Cannabis reform in the areas of Medical, Recreational and Industrial use of the Cannabis plant.

What does this mean for Tasmanians?

HEMP means - Jobs, current “black market” income becomes legitimate and taxable

HEMP means - a safer recreational alternative to alcohol and other drugs

HEMP means - safer medical options for chronic disease, less toxic medicines

HEMP means - more environmentally friendly large scale Industrial crops of all uses

HEMP in a legal regulated market means - more options for people on many levels

The inaugural President of HEMP Tasmania is Matt Owen of Launceston, who has substantial experience as the former NORML representative here and is long time supporter of HEMP in all its forms.

Membership is growing consistently, and HEMP is determined to give cannabis users/growers in Tasmania, both a voice to convey their concerns over the costs of prohibition in society and a political vehicle to carry that voice into Parliament.

The main Tasmanian state branch is in Hobart with a sub-branch in Launceston.

Since being implemented in Australia from1929 -59, personal usage has grown to up to 40% of the population. Scientific knowledge of the plant’s effects and biochemistry has grown greatly in that time. A needless cost to society in personal and economic terms can quickly be turned into a productive benefit via legal regulated business and personal grow rights.

People have the right to choose; it’s time time to activate that choice. Cannabis Prohibition simply hasn’t worked.

HEMP invites anyone to join, membership is free. So if you are interested in a legal Cannabis world, please join up along with others who feel the same way to make legalisation a reality.

As Uruguay legalises HERE: