Nick McKim MP
Greens Leader
Wednesday, 3 June 2009
Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim MP today said that he would be happy to meet with Hawthorn Football Club Chairman Jeff Kennett to discuss the Tasmanian government’s sponsorship of the Hawks.

Mr McKim, who is a Hawthorn supporter, said that with power prices spiralling, public housing waiting lists again on the increase, and new taxes looming due to the government’s water and sewerage reforms, he remains of the view that sponsoring a football team is not core government business.

“Mr Kennett has done a lot for the Hawks since he became President, and I welcome the opportunity for what I am sure will be a frank exchange of views,” said Mr McKim.

“There is no doubt that the sponsorship is a good deal for the Hawthorn Football Club, but I am not currently convinced that it delivers the best value for Tasmanians already groaning under spiralling electricity prices, and worried about new taxes on water and sewerage provision.”

“Hopefully we might also touch on some other important HFC issues, like when Luke Hodge will return from his groin injury, and whether ‘Roughy’ will kick a hundred goals like ‘Buddy’ did last year,” said Mr McKim.

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Here is a box from The Examiner listing the [claimed] benefits to Tasmania from the Government’s sponsorship of the HFC. I have no way of assessing the accuracy or validity of any of these claims; I am simply offering it as an answer to this reader’s request for info:

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