Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said Premier Bartlett has quarantined core government services from the cutbacks that are looming due to the Global Financial Crisis, but sponsoring an affluent interstate football club is not core government business.

“Core government services and country sporting clubs and facilities are the losers from this deal with Hawthorn, and with the Global Financial Crisis upon us it is time to say that this deal will not be extended,” Mr McKim said.

“The Bartlett Government must reconsider its prioritisation of an affluent interstate sporting club over and above local Tasmanian clubs and associated facilities.”

“If the HFC deal is extended there will be tens of millions of money not spent on core government business like housing, health and education.”

Mr McKim also called on the Bartlett Government to actually allow debate on ideas and motions from the Opposition parties, which the Premier has said he is interested in hearing, after the Greens’ motion today was amended and corrupted by the government before any vote, effectively ending meaningful debate on the issue.

“If the Premier and his government are interested in ideas and policy debates why do they continually amend the initiatives proposed by Opposition parties, and by doing so pervert the original intent of the motion?”

“It seems that the only ideas the Bartlett Government are interested in are their own, despite claims the rhetoric of the Premier,” said Mr McKim.




The Tasmanian Greens has condemned the Bartlett Government for failing to commit to not renewing the current $15 million sponsorship deal with the Victorian-based Hawthorn Football Club when it expires, at the expense of government service provision and local sports clubs and facilities.