From the SMH

The Sydney to Hobart is over again, but who cares? When I was a boy the race took five days and the boats were real cruising yachts.

Now it’s over almost as soon as it starts, won by flimsy high-tech shells with keels that fall off in heavy weather. What’s the point of that? It’s about time the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia lived up to its name and limited the race to properly built, fully fitted-out boats sailed by the owners and their friends.

There should be a limit of 15 metres on the boats and, of course, professional crews should be banned.

If the mega-rich want to run a race to Hobart for their ridiculous toys then that’s their business — but let them start it on New Year’s Day.

Ross Glanfield

How refreshing to see the Sydney to Hobart yacht race won by a yacht, not a corporate brand.

Krishan Thiru

Well, Wild Oats has set a race record for the Sydney to Hobart yacht classic, and her crew deserve congratulations. But for the entire voyage she had her auxiliary motor running, and relied on it to operate her high-tech keel. So did she sail to Hobart, or did she motor-sail?

Don Firth
Pillar Valley

The Sydney to Hobart yacht race is a handicap event. Let’s hope the media don’t follow their usual course by reporting what the heavily sponsored, very expensive, high-tech maxis are doing and neglect the performance of the “smaller boats”. Come on, editors, I want to know what the “fleet” is doing.

David Brawn

Thanks, Leonard