Image for Gunns demise foretold in writer’s dream…

It was all the bloody editors’ fault
I’m sure you will agree
I never thought they’d publish this
for everyone to see

Yet they’re very good at forgetting me
while promising all the world
but when it suits, my important truth
is left to stay unfurled.

And what about their herald-lines
their issue of the day,
while in the shade my would-be scoop
so quickly finds decay?

I dreamt I saw tomorrow
it was yesterday as I recall
and Lindsay said he’d publish it
next day, he said, for sure

Tomorrow came and went and came
I’m sure you’ll guess the rest
Gunns died but resurrected
before my requiem got to press!

[inspired by the following editorial admission, on the latest fox thread… “
“It was all the bloody editors’ fault ” - Ed,  TT]