With the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook due soon, the Greens urge the government to consider seriously its sensible proposals to raise government revenue, and abandon its ludicrous schemes to cut welfare to the most vulnerable, and slash public and community service jobs.

ACOSS’s report released today shows an alarming number of Australians, and especially children, living in poverty. This is unacceptable for a nation as wealthy as ours.

‘Caring for vulnerable people is more important than a race to a surplus at all costs. With MYEFO expected soon, it’s time the government either defer its surplus fetish or agree to look at our revenue raising measures.’ Senator Christine Milne, leader of the Australian Greens, said today.

‘We have secured support from the Senate to have an inquiry into our bill to plug to loophole in the MRRT that forces federal coffers to foot the bill of any increase in mining royalties to multi-billion dollar mining companies.

‘The Greens have also argued that the government should not be giving over $4 billion in taxpayers’ money to old, polluting coal-fired power generators, or subsidising the fuel costs of profitable mining companies.

‘A good government’s job is to serve the people, not super profitable multinational corporations, and to consider the best interests of not only this generation, but generations to come.

‘The Greens have proposed reforms that not only raise much-needed revenue for our nation-building promises, but reforms that are fair, and that put people and the environment first.’