The TCC got a shirt-front,
Actually a White-Green front.
The shredder’s a Green front,
Cooper and Burch are Green fronts.

Independent advice is a Green front,
The AMA’s a Green front.
Health and education are Green fronts.

Tourism’s a Green front,
The whole Tamar Valley’s a Green front.
Clean air and water are Green fronts.

Rural communities are Green fronts,
Bass Strait fishing’s a Green front,
And all independent farmers are Green fronts.

Demetriou’s a Green front.
The whole AFL’s a Green front,
Until they get our Tassie team upfront.

All public meetings are Green fronts.
All public debate is a Green front.
All disagreement and dissent are Green fronts.

Everyone except us are Green fronts…
But Terry Martin was a Green front.
Maybe Lisa Singh’s a Green front…?
Is David Bartlett a Green front?

Maybe everyone’s a Green front,
Could be a back door caucus front
Will deliver the final effront.

Democracy and good governance,
They’re the epitome of all effronts,
The worst and last of all Green fronts!




Author unknown, but attributed to Sturge, a mate of Doug “So What” Parkinson

It’s a back door Green front.
They’re all a Green front,
Whoever fronts up.

All effronts are Green fronts.
The RPDC’s a Green front,
Raverty, Green and Wright,
They’re all Green fronts.