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Every fortnight on Tasmanian Times, widely-read Geoff Dickinson chooses Six of the past fortnight’s Best Reads.

Talk about problems? Boys say why bother
Boys avoid discussing problems not because of some sense of embarrassment, but because they believe that doing so is a waste of time, according to a new study…. USA University of Missouri 25/8/11

Taylorism, Progressivism, and Rule by Experts
These giant corporations were followed by large government agencies whose mission was to support and stabilize the corporate economy, and then by large bureaucratic universities, centralized school systems, and assorted “helping professionals” to process the “human resources” the corporations and State fed on. These interlocking bureaucracies required a large managerial class to administer them. .. USA The Freeman September 2011 issue

“.. But a close examination of the emerging Sinosphere–or Chinese sphere of influence–shows an economy that is globally dispersed, multinational and increasingly focused on the high-tech and service sectors.”… New Geography 08/23/2011

At O’Hare Airport, Unused Land Is Going to the Bees
That buzzing sound you hear at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport could be a jet taking off. Or maybe it’s coming from the 1.5 million bees that call the airport home. ….USA Daily Good 19/8/11

Ecology could teach economists a thing or two
The latest financial crisis shows that we have still not learned all the lessons of the credit crunch.  ONCE upon a time, ecologists talked of the “balance of nature”. It seemed that any small fluctuation in an ecological system was always balanced out by some other change, maintaining equilibrium even in complex situations…. World New Scientist 10/8/11

Bountiful Books: 13 Incredibly Intricate Historic Libraries
World August 2011