Image for Factory trawler Geelong Star returns to port after again catching dolphins

The factory trawler Geelong Star has again stopped fishing because it has caught and killed dolphins.

Stricter controls were placed on the trawler after four dolphins and two seals were killed during its first outing in Australian waters.

Environmentalists and recreational fishers have been opposed to the trawler being allowed to fish in Australian waters, fearing the impact on fish stocks and by-catch kills.

The 95-metre ship has Commonwealth approval to fish 16,500 tonnes of small pelagic fish like jack mackerel from Australian waters.

This week, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) said the killing of such marine animals was inevitable but everything possible was being done to prevent them.

The Small Pelagic Fishery Industry Association (SPFIA) which represents the vessel’s operators said the ship had stopped fishing and returned to its home port of Geelong.

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